Luca Rea, Responsabile Area Reti, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni

Fifth generation networks for the transport industry

The automotive sector is going through a period of great transformation, thanks to the introduction of innovative technologies and increasingly widespread connectivity, which open up new opportunities. The vehicles are already able to collect, use and send information related to speed, weather conditions, driving conditions, position. Technology will lead to safer, more efficient, more comfortable driving. Vehicles will be able to evolve into real computing centers, capable of exchanging information through efficient, reliable and secure wireless communications.

But what are the communication systems allowing all this? Will 5G networks be at the center of this process? And in what way? What about the standardization process?  Will there be a gradual transition that will also make use of different technologies, perhaps for some specific services?

The speech aims to contextualize these questions by designing a trajectory that presupposes an extraordinary growth of the TLC infrastructures of the country and a clear strategy in the industries policy.