Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & Smart Cameras for the Automotive Aftermarket – Enhancing Safety and Reduce Insurance Costs

    • More than 90% of road accidents are attributed to human error.
    • Driver fatigue accounts for an estimated 20% of traffic accidents – possibly higher.
    • The number of deaths caused by vehicle accidents is 49,7 people per millions of habitants in Europe and 55,8 people per millions of habitants in Italy (source Istat).
    • Driving safety features like Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), are as important as Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS).

While new cars and trucks are introducing new safety technologies such Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), it remains fundamental to also increase safety on buses, trucks and cars that were originally sold without those technologies.
Bus and truck collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists while turning can be avoided with Blind Spot Detection (BSD) , which uses a camera mounted on the side of the vehicle to greatly enhance driver situational awareness.
Accidents can occur when the bus driver is distracted for few seconds, which is why Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) can now be used to alert the driver when he is drowsy or distracted.
This kind of monitoring not only reduces the likelihood of traffic accidents, it can also help reduce insurance costs for commercial operators, while also providing video footage of what occurred inside and outside the vehicle.
VIA is able to leverage several decades of experience in designing processor platforms, hardware systems and custom software, providing the ideal solution for aftermarket vehicle upgrades.
Solutions like VIA Mobile360 ADAS, and the Mobile360 Driver Recorder offer a compelling path to bringing today’s fleets to the next level of safety.