Roles and opportunities in European 5G validation platform – Experience from H2020 project 5G EVE

5G EVE is the European 5G validation platform for extensive trials, from implementation to test in six reference industrial verticals including smart transport and industry 4.0. The 5G-EVE concept is based on further developing and interconnecting existing European sites in in Greece, Spain, France, and Italy to form a unique 5G end-to-end facility. The focus of the presentation is the smart transport perspective, detailed in terms of roles played by vertical operators and opportunities represented by current and future relevant trials in the 5G EVE validation platform.

This presentation is partly funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program – grant agreement number 815074 (5G EVE project). The presentation solely reflects the views of the authors. The Commission is not responsible for the contents of this presentation or any use made thereof.